Since 1993, Cam has bought and sold 10’s of millions in Real Estate. Along the way, he also founded and is CEO of a software and training company called the Real Estate Wealth Network where he and his team create powerful, problem solving tools that have helped 10’s of thousands of other Real Estate Investors and Professionals do more transactions and make more money. Through it, he has also funded over $50,000,000 in deals for his clients and students, without charging any fees or points, through his innovative “No Fee Funding” program.



Cam grew up working during school breaks and after college at his Dad’s printing and advertising production business. He and his Dad worked together until economic pressure forced him to join a huge multi-national company where he quickly learned that he was not cut out for the “corporate” environment.

It was then that Carleton Sheets’ infomercial program inspired him to become a Real Estate Investor. On a wing and a prayer, and with the support of his new wife Helen, Cam quit his corporate job, moved to FL, went into business for himself and has never looked back.

Personal Life

Cam and Helen have one daughter who shares a lot of her Dad’s interests and entrepreneurial spirit. She earned her private pilot’s license before heading off to college and while in college started her own business.

Helen enjoys running her antique store where folks come to find all sorts of local, unique treasures.

He is a long time and avid pilot. He earned his private pilot’s license in 1989 and has gone on to acquire many additional ratings including, instrument, multi-engine, seaplane, and jet type rating. He continues to fly for business and for fun as often as possible. Helen is also a pilot and it is through flying that Cam and Helen originally grew close in Danbury CT.

Cam is a car and racing enthusiast who participates in club events at many race tracks in the eastern and central US but spends most of his track time at Watkins Glen International Raceway in upstate NY. He is an accomplished driver and is a high performance driving instructor.

Snowboarding, slalom water skiing and wake surfing are also passions of his.


Today, Cam gives back by flying for great organizations like Angel Flight. Angel flight provides free air transportation for passengers in need of medical treatment far from home and performs other missions of community service. Having the ability to give to those who so desperately need it, is one of the most humbling experiences of his life.

He is also on the board of trustees at the Glenn H. Curtiss museum. Curtiss was the “Father of Naval Aviation”.

Cam’s favorite charity is the Ronald McDonald house as a result of an amazing personal experience he and Helen had with them.

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