Since 1993, Cam has bought and sold 10’s of millions in Real Estate. Along the way, he also founded and is CEO of a software and training company called the Real Estate Wealth Network where he and his team create powerful, problem solving tools that have helped 10’s of thousands of other Real Estate Investors and Professionals do more transactions and make more money. Through it, he has also funded over $50,000,000 in deals for his clients and students, without charging any fees or points, through his innovative “No Fee Funding” program.



Cam grew up working during school breaks and after college at his Dad’s printing and advertising production business. He and his Dad worked together until economic pressure forced him to join a huge multi-national company where he quickly learned that he was not cut out for the “corporate” environment.

It was then that Carleton Sheets’ infomercial program inspired him to become a Real Estate Investor. On a wing and a prayer, and with the support of his new wife Helen, Cam quit his corporate job, moved to FL, went into business for himself and has never looked back.

Personal Life

Cam and Helen have one daughter who shares a lot of her Dad’s interests and entrepreneurial spirit. She earned her private pilot’s license before heading off to college and while in college started her own business.

Helen enjoys running her antique store where folks come to find all sorts of local, unique treasures.

He is a long time and avid pilot. He earned his private pilot’s license in 1989 and has gone on to acquire many additional ratings including, instrument, multi-engine, seaplane, and jet type rating. He continues to fly for business and for fun as often as possible. Helen is also a pilot and it is through flying that Cam and Helen originally grew close in Danbury CT.

Cam is a car and racing enthusiast who participates in club events at many race tracks in the eastern and central US but spends most of his track time at Watkins Glen International Raceway in upstate NY. He is an accomplished driver and is a high performance driving instructor.

Snowboarding, slalom water skiing and wake surfing are also passions of his.


Today, Cam gives back by flying for great organizations like Angel Flight. Angel flight provides free air transportation for passengers in need of medical treatment far from home and performs other missions of community service. Having the ability to give to those who so desperately need it, is one of the most humbling experiences of his life.

He is also on the board of trustees at the Glenn H. Curtiss museum. Curtiss was the “Father of Naval Aviation”.

Cam’s favorite charity is the Ronald McDonald house as a result of an amazing personal experience he and Helen had with them.

Get To Know Cam Better:



Here's What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • I paid nothing on fees using Cam's funding, zip-zero-nada-zilch!

    First and foremost again, I am very thankful to Cam and the team for the no-fee funding. I am also thankful to you for your guidance and support on each transaction. You are always quick to respond and very helpful!

    I am very proud of this particular deal because I have followed up with the seller for 6 months, before getting the property under contract. I found this property off of the Vacant House Data Feed, cold-called the seller back in December of 2017. Introduced myself, did all of the rapport building on that initial conversation and made the seller feel comfortable. After gathering data and running my due diligence on the property, I gave her another call the next day to make an offer. Here is where it goes dark... the seller never picked up and went M.I.A for 6 months!

    I thought it was the strangest thing when she had shown such an interest in selling on that initial conversation. However, I do know that fortune is in the follow-up and I've used iFlip to set automatic reminders to follow up with the seller. I set up automatic reminders within iFlip and iFlip would text my phone every 14 days to call the seller. I kept leaving voicemails every 14 days for 6 months straight, from December 2017 to June 2018.

    One day in June, I call the seller again and thought to myself, it's going to be another voicemail that I will be leaving; but again, I never gave up! Lo and behold, as I go to leave my voicemail, in the middle of that voicemail, the seller picks up! She remembers who I am and said that she had been very busy and a lot has happened within the last 6 months. She was "bombarded with life". And to shorten the story, I caught her at a good time as a result of my persistent follow-up. She was ready to sell, and I sent her a Purchase & Sale Agreement with an agreed-upon price ($100k)!

    I personally dropped the earnest money deposit and filed an Affidavit of Memorandum on this, because I knew this deal is hot and didn't want it to slip through the cracks after I have worked hard on following up. This property is located in one of the hottest zip codes in my market, there is always an influx of cash transactions, flips, and developments going on. I ran it by one buyer, who has bought many from me in the past. He accepted it at $160k!

    Again, I paid nothing on fees using Cam's funding, zip-zero-nada-zilch! I am forever grateful for a service such as this. Now onto the next!!!

    Ronnie H
  • Biggest Pay Day of Career!

    We want to start out by thanking Cameron Dunlap and his team for making possible the biggest pay day of our real estate career- $45,000 profit in a single transaction!

    We began investing in real estate by using our own limited resources to acquire foreclosed properties over the last few years. While we have had moderate success using our go-it-alone approach, we quickly ran out of funds for new deals, energy for doing all the rehab work ourselves, and ideas for how to grow the business beyond our own limited resources.

    Using techniques taught by Cameron Dunlap (along with our persistence and a bit of luck), we were able to secure a bank-owned property that was valued at over $200,000 (after repair value based on recent comparable sales in the area) for only $50,000. Within two days of the bank signing our contract to purchases the property, we had multiple offers from other investors to purchase the property from us and, ultimately, we were able to re-sell the property for $95,000- all without having to do any repairs to the property! Our successful deal was made possible using techniques taught by Cameron Dunlap and his "Fast Cash With Foreclosures" summit and through our ongoing participation in his mentoring program. Just as importantly, without the use of Cameron Dunlap's transactional funding, we would never have been able to secure the funding for the property. In short, Cameron Dunlap and his team provided the methods and the means to make this happen.

    Cameron Dunlap and his team are true professionals and his program works! We're living proof! Thanks Cameron Dunlap- we can hardly wait for our next deal!

    Ron & Julia P
  • Gaining A Loyal Student Through Excellent Staff!

    I wanted to write you this morning and compliment you on your staff, especially Elly in the Client Support office.

    A couple of weeks ago, I got an offer accepted on a HUD property. I hadn't done a deal in almost two years, due to a flurry of life and financial crises. Naturally, HUD wanted a "hard proof of funds" and my regular broker wanted 1/2 of 1% of the purchase amount to provide it. On the last deal I had done, back in 2014, there were complications in the purchase including a break-in that extended the deal and forced me to pay for the hard funds twice. The purchase price was higher this time, and I would need $600 to have it provided.

    I wanted to find a cheaper way to get it done, so I began contacting all the POF providers I could find. One of those was to your company. A short time later, I got a reply from Elly saying that not only can your company help me, but she noticed that I had paid half the purchase price, $750, toward your No Fee Funding program back in 2014. Her making that connection absolutely blows me away!

    To make a long story short, it became a no-brainer to complete that payment with my very-limited funds. The VOD was accepted without a hitch and Julia was super in helping me get the deal funded through you guys.

    I held you in high regard as a teacher and entrepreneur, but the competence and friendly, professional courtesy of your staff, Elly in particular, has transformed me into a loyal client!

    2016 is going to be a great year with your support; best of luck with all your other endeavors. Kudo's, again, to your excellent staff.

    Don C
  • Recent Summit Attendee closes his first "BIG" wholesale contract!

    Hello Cameron,

    Just wanted to let you know that I closed my first "BIG" wholesale Contract and hit a Trifecta.

    Contacted one of my Investors who was remodeling a home to Flip.

    1.) Asked him how much he was going to sell it for when done. $750,000.

    2.) He was about 35% done and I asked him, if he was to not put another $ into the project, what would he sell it for "AS IS".  $550,000.

    3.) I wrote an agreement with him for $550,000 and told him to give me a week.

    4.) I approached another investor and sold the contract to him for $567,500. and netted $17,500 for myself.

    Now here is when it gets better!

    I contracted with the investor to re-design the house to fit their needs and have my Construction Crew to do the  work.  We are in plan check with the city for the remodel that will cost my Investor another $700,000 to complete, allowing me to pick up an additional $35,000 net to me.

    When the house is done sometime in May and they move in,  I'll be selling their old home and 3 condo's that he owns to pay off his $700,000 additional  cost to build.For me, I'll get the commission from those sales as well.

    "A big thank you to all of you for educating me on Wholesale selling"

    Chuck M
  • Cameron Dunlap's Student Uses Fast Cash With Foreclosures

    Deal Number 9 for me. It's a 3 bedroom 2 bath I bought it for 55,000.00. I estimated the value at 107K (mid-range comps). I estimated the repairs to take two weeks and cost 6 to 10K. My agent, who INSISTED I not start rehabbing until she could look at it, thinks I do too much of a good job on my rehabs. Anyway she meets me at the house and we discuss the rehab we are in agreement and she suggests she list the house for 129,900K !!!

    I say OK now what. She says let's list it for 129,900K with a note that it is being rehabbed and that if anyone would like it as-is, then they can have it for 120K if they hurry. I say OK. She lists it on Wednesday morning and by Thursday she has an offer for 125K with 5K credit towards paint, carpet, and repairs. AS-IS for real.

    Now that's fast!

    Let' review...

    My cost $64,500

    Repairs $1,500 (I felt I had to throw in a new garage door, strap the water heater and replace some broken windows minimally)

    Sale price 125,000
    less commission 5% 6,250.00
    less repair credit 5,000.00
    less closing costs 2,000.00

    Profit - 45,250.00

    And I barely got to swing my hammer.

    Real Estate is a beautiful thing, and REMEMBER... you can't do this in Southern California.

    Dean G
  • Only 3 Weeks to Close Our First Deal!

    Hi there Cameron Dunlap. ?Just wanted you to know that my partner Sherry K. and I got a lead from iBuyHouses.com from the unclaimed lead section and we turned it into a FSBO wholesale deal.

    Sherry went to go meet the seller and she called me by phone told her to not go home until the contract was signed!

    My first check is here and it started to change my life! $7,500 each for Sherry and I.

    Details are as follows:

    Purchase Price was $33k? we took the existing loan subject to, as it was a private seller and we had a 45 day escrow.

    ARV was $137k

    We held an open house on a Saturday and broadcast the sale to our own buyer's list. We had about 10 parties show up and the property sold for $4k over asking price at $53k.

    It took us three weeks from start to finish and we did not do a double escrow rather we did an assignment of contract. This helped us avoid the double escrow fees. The original contract was written and/or assigns.

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for your education and passion for the business and I enjoyed meeting you at the seminar in LA. We are working on getting our next one and look forward to working with you on many more deals.

    By the way I really love this stuff.

    Jeffrey P
  • Cameron Dunlap Motivates Another Student to Success!

    I sent you an e-mail a few weeks ago. At the time I told you I lost my JOB and was going to invest my time and effort into just doing this house business. Since that time I mailed out 40-50 letters to people in mortgage foreclosure. I received five phone calls and got five appointments. One has resulted in a house purchase!

    The sellers signed a "subject to" purchase and sale agreement with me on the first visit. I have had the title checked and everything is clean! I am spending some money out of pocket to make up some back payments but conservatively estimate $25k-30k in potential profit.

    All the house needs is paint and carpet! It's 1800 square feet ranch, 3 bdrm/1.5 bath, full basement (partial finished), 2 car attached garage, on 2.5 acres, paved road, natural gas. All the appliances stay and I even get a wood burning stove free. I am buying (stealing) it for $188,600.00. In 2001 it appraised for $240,000.00. With paint and carpet and 5% annual appreciation value the home should sell for $264k-$265k.

    Thanks for all your help and encouragement Cameron at the Dallas, TX training. I'm so glad I went and learned from you. It was great to finally meet you too!!!

    This business is the greatest business in the world!!!

    Frankie & Michelle Y
  • This is my first deal, and it's already changing my life.

    This is George, just writing to thank you and the whole team. I was finally able to close on the Double Escrow deal that I was working on. It took a little longer than expected, but I was able to pull it off. The end result was positive. I came on top; I made a profit, so that is always a good thing. The total profit that I made from this deal was $43,000. I actually made a $45K profit, but I had a couple thousand in closing costs, so $43K went into my pocket. I guess that's not bad for my first deal right?

    I am very thankful to Cameron for putting this service/funds for us beginners to use. If it wasn't for these funds, I would've not been able to make this deal happen. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

    Thanks again Cameron and your whole team of Rock Stars! I love you guys. You guys are the best!

    With this profit that I made, I plan to pay off some debt, buy a few things for the family, and invest the rest. This unexpected money will help me and my family a lot. This is my first deal, and it's already changing my life. I do plan to keep going and make a lot more deals like this one, and even bigger ones. I can't thank you guys enough.

    George F
  • My membership has been paid for several times over...

    As discussed on the phone, I am both thrilled by and grateful for my affiliation with your organization. At first, I was skeptical. Plunking down $1,500 for membership turned my stomach a bit, but I can now see that alignment with Cam's organization, complete with its vast array of tools and training was one of the smartest decisions that I made in my young real estate investment career. My membership has been paid for several times over between a deal that I closed and your no-fee transactional funding.

    Anyway, to answer your questions, I found the deal you funded through a bandit sign call. It was one of those home run deals that seemed surreal until a $41K check was actually placed into my hand. The end buyer came from another wholesaler, however, I had an almost-equal simultaneous offer on the table from a buyer I found through Facebook. I went with the better offer.

    Again, please accept my thanks and pass my appreciation along to the staff. Every phone call I made was met with kindness, willingness, patience (I'm new to all of this), and promptness.

    Looking forward to more free transactional funding deals!

    Many, many thanks!

    Debra H
  • Vacant House and Foreclosure Summit in New Jersey

    My husband and I were at your Vacant House and Foreclosure Summit this weekend in New Jersey. We're here waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit within a few hours from now and didn't want to run the risk of having no power for an indefinite amount of time without sending you a heartfelt thank you for providing the highest caliber professional and educational experience. The information you provided was so clear and presented in such a personable manner. Being a teacher for the last 28 years, this alone struck me as "real". Your staff was ready, willing and able, and offered support in friendly and approachable ways. The invited guests were experts in their fields and presented with laser beam focus, expanding my thinking and possibilities. Equally important was the networking element. I made new contacts with colleagues from around the WORLD! This was a valuable springboard to start my new company and career. Lastly, as I mentioned to you yesterday, having won the HP laptop at the closing raffle was just icing on the cake. I left the conference with knowledge, connections, hardware, and most of all inspiration. Thank you again for a phenomenal experience!

    Lourdes A
  • 3 Deals...All using these tools!

    Hello there!

    Haven't spoken with you in a while. Last time we spoke I was struggling big time with a bunch of personal and financial issues including a couple of surgeries. We were talking about the coaching program and I couldn't afford it. 

    Happy to report. Since then... closed my first deal in May. $10,000.00 assignment. Just closed last Friday on my 2nd deal  $12,000.00 assignment was cashed! Bought another and sold it the day after for a $15,000.00 assignment. Closing on that one in Dec. Probate. All using these tools! 

    Maybe someday I can tell you about my first deal. Had NO MONEY even for the deposits. A lot of people would have walked away. Broke through every roadblock even the seller's attorney telling me no way she would do this deal with me! My attorney was amazed at how I did it. Quite a story. A lot of lessons were learned. Love this business!  I'm very TENACIOUS! 

    Sorry to ramble. Just wanted to tell you! Pretty Exciting stuff! I'm signing up for this event! Thank you all so much!

    Christopher H
  • If you love working for yourself you are in the right place.

    First and foremost, Cameron's support team is the best that's out there period! I have had many wasted hours, time, and money with other so-called teachers.

    I have been doing fix and flips since 1992. The data feeds that are provided within his system are impressive, to say the least. That being said remember that I'm no techie in any way shape or form, and even I have been knocking it out of the park in my very rural community. Using the absentee owner data feed has given me the boost I needed to go full-time to achieve my dreams and goals.

    I know that my goals are within my reach thanks to Cam's team and the systems in place with his business management products. I personally would not have made it without this blessing. I can't express enough gratitude to Cameron Dunlap for your commitment to our industry. without these commitments, I would still be stuck working a job I truly outgrew many years ago! I retired at age 56 leaving many co-workers scratching their heads.

    If you love working for yourself you are in the right place.

    Michael P
  • Easy Success with the Help of Fund-A-Flip

    Working with Lisa and Justin at Fund-A-Flip was effortless. Originally talking to Lisa regarding my transaction on a Wednesday I was not very confident that this program would work. I was scheduled to close on the property only two days later that Friday. However, much to my surprise, the timeline did not seem to discourage this group one bit, instead, I was provided with an easy list of items needed to get the process started. Upon providing all of the requested documents, the process continued to move forward with little to no effort on my end. Much to my surprise, the transaction was completely funded on Friday, even though the last requirements were supplied Friday Morning. At the second closing Friday afternoon, my company walked away with a check for just under $6,000. This would not have been possible without Lisa and Justin's great attitude and patience at Fund-A-Flip. Although this was the first transaction we did with this group, it certainly not be the last!

    Randy K
  • Creative Strategies Help Student Sell His First Home On Lease Option

    Thank you for helping me do my FIRST deal! I want to take a minute to tell you about this deal.

    This deal involved very creative strategies where I took the property subject-to the existing mortgage, and then sold it on a lease option...all in the same day, without me even being there! It took none of my own money or credit! I got paid $7,000 on the front end, get cash-flow every month, and will make a big payday when I sell the property on the back end - about another $20,000!

    Without your teaching and guidance throughout the whole process, I would NEVER have done the deal. Thanks to you and your wealth of knowledge, I've been able to jump start my real estate business!

    P.S. The deal was in central Tennessee, about 2,000 miles away, and I never had to leave So Cal to do the deal!

    P.S.S. From first contact with the seller to having it SOLD and getting the $10,000 check, the total time lapsed was 22 days.

    Ryan S
  • Another Big Paycheck!

    Please give our best regards to Cameron. Thanks to his transactional funding, we were able to close today, finally, and generate $11,225.44 in revenue.

    We are right on schedule for this year's revenue goal.

    Most of all, we are especially delighted because both the sellers and the buyers were very happy with the transaction.

    The sellers were absentee owners who went through hell with the tenants. They never paid them a penny for an entire year, in addition to having completely destroyed the place.

    The buyers are local buy-and-hold investors working with a builder in that specific part of town. They want us to find more properties!

    Cameron helped me prove to myself that when we know how to apply our real-estate knowledge in structuring deals, money is never an issue. This will be the topic of my monthly blog post in July.

    Again, thank you so much for your patient support!

    Reiko M
  • Student Shares Excitement About Attending the Vacant House and Foreclosure Summit in Chicago

    I LOVE your enthusiasm and I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU IN CHICAGO at the Vacant House and Foreclosure Summit- YOU, YOU, YOU are changing my life - and thank you for your honesty - I have been scared and left my full-time job and have two college tuition to pay for - and YOU are going to make my stress eating disappear because this is REALLY going to work.

    I am truly grateful, truly psyched, and truly moved by your generosity of iFlip 1 and 2 and I need to learn how to use everything you present to us!! I wear your bracelet too - nice touch.

    Anyways - when you pound your fist against the desk and say, "I am so excited for you guys," I sure hope you can hear me yelling back, "Thank you, Cam - I am SO excited to have found you and I believe in you and your system, and so I believe in me and that this is real!!!"

    Margie D
  • Mentorship Student Benefits From Target Trainings

    The targeted trainings that are part of Cameron's mentorship/partnership program are an excellent resource for me as I get to learn income and lead producing strategies from an expert in that process. The trainers are professionals with experience and knowledge on the best practices to implement that strategy in the market today. The trainers arrange the subject matter of the course so students can begin to use the strategy being taught immediately in their businesses to give them an advantage in their market place. The trainings are also fun to attend. The trainers are focused on making sure you understand the material and answer questions if you have concerns or get confused. In short, if your goal is to grow your business and make yourself a better asset to your own company you cannot miss these targeted trainings.

    Ryan B
  • Real Estate Wealth Network is the REAL DEAL!

    Your program with its formula, the tools, the mentorship program, the office support staff...everything...Real Estate Wealth Network is the REAL DEAL! Todd Snipes is our mentor. He was here for 2 days just last week on 10/10-11/2016 for the in UR City program. Prior to his visit, we had just gotten our first A-B/B-C contracts completed. Closing is expected to be before the end of the month. The time spent with Todd has helped us tremendously. We now have greater confidence and most importantly we BELIEVE WE CAN DO THIS! Since last week we have signed 5 contracts and are waiting on 2 others to come back signed. Thank you... Thank you...Thank you. We are incredibly grateful. This program has helped us move forward. We still have much to learn, but know that Todd is there to guide us. Again... Thank you!

    Tom & Alice J
  • Vacant House and Foreclosure Summit Attendee Shares her Experience with iFlip 2.0

    Fresh off Cameron Dunlap's Chicago Vacant House and Foreclosure Summit, I have flipped!! I thought the original iFlip was the bee's knees, but I have flipped over to the new iFlip 2.0! I am so excited to use this cutting-edge technology that allows us to systematize and track all of our leads. The extraordinary value brought to us at Cam's seminar was without question the highest of quality I've experienced - and I've experienced many others!! Phenomenal, inspiring, professional, knowledgeable, and fun, Cameron and his staff and associates are extraordinary, and I am honored to be associated with such a high-integrity group of individuals. I am so excited to have integrated iFlip 2.0 into my life, and even more important, the Cameron Dunlap Power Team. I say, Quit Tripping and Start iFlipping!!!

    Margie DJ
  • The Best Business Training I have Experienced!

    I have just completed the three-day event with Cameron that is by far the best business training I have experienced, and I have attended many investor training or workshops. In my opinion, Cameron has developed the most advanced business software systems for the real estate investor available and in my experience outstanding support for his clients. He has a tremendous team/family that is committed to the success of the clients using his systems and mentorship program. I am truly excited and confident about the future of my business with the assistance of my mentor, Cameron's tools, and the team. If you are a real estate investor or want to become an investor, you owe it to yourself to meet Cameron and his team, he is the real deal! WOW! More to come in the near future.

    Charles A
  • Vacant House & Foreclosure University Rocked!

    I just completed Cam's Vacant House & Foreclosure University Traning ~ and I have the Certificate to Prove it!! This is going on my Realtor's Facebook page as a Step 2 accomplishment!! Step One being my Texas Real Estate License [right??]. My next steps are to Create My 6 Week Marketing Plan, capture Leads and move into my first Deals with Confidence! I can't tell you how stoked I am..I thought after all the time it took me to complete my initial RE courses and obtain my license [while working full time] and then going through the long month of RE Bootcamp, I had lost my fire. BUT NOT TRUE!! Cam, this is the BEST EVER program and you [and Josh] have blown on that ember into a roaring Bon-fire! Thank you a Thousand Times Over!!! P.S. My Family Loves You for it!!

    Licia L
  • Closed in 21 Days - Made $4,500

    Thank you so much for your service. It helped us to find the seller. The house was vacant and the tax bill address was the same as the property address. I ran a skip trace at www.findtheseller.com and located the son of the owner easily. The house was abandoned for 4 years and when we walked upstairs the walls were growing mold. We negotiated an all cash wholesale price and assigned the contract to our wholesale buyer. At closing the seller wrote us a testimonial thanking us for buying his house "as is" paying all cash and closing in 21 days. I want to thank you Cameron Dunlap for your skip trace service. You helped us make a quick $4,500. I recommend your service to all serious investors. You really can find the sellers of vacant houses and make tons of money.

    Elle P
  • $200,000 in private money found through the Private Lender Data Feed

    I've GOT to tell you about an awesome experience I had the other day with your Private Lender Data Feed!

    I logged into my account, and then with just a few clicks of my mouse (literally less than 4 minutes) using the integrated "Mail Manager" I ordered a few hundred letters that went out to EXISTING private lenders in my area.

    Just a few days later I got some responses over the phone and got a new private lender willing to invest $200,000...to START! He said that once we do our first deal he'll have more for me. I got the money at a good rate and he's willing to do longer-term financing for my lease options!

    Thanks so much for putting the PLDF together! Without it, I'd have $200k less of private money.

    Jim Z
  • iFlip Real Estate Support Readily Available

    For those of you that are computer illiterate, I know first hand that you can use the web sites that "iFlip Real Estate" will set up for you. My husband Larry is so computer handicapped that he has even asked me how to turn on his computer. With the program that Cameron Dunlap and his crew have designed, I don't help my husband at all. Any questions he has he gives "iFlip Real Estate" a call or sends them an email and they fix the problem (which are usually caused by my husband). It's amazing how fast they get back to him. I think they work 24-7 at the office. (not really) This program is so great and easy to use. Don't let technology be your stumbling block to success. All I can say is thank you Cameron for saving my marriage.

    Barbara G
  • Cam and his team are tops!

    Ok, just wanted to leave a comment about Cam's programs! I feel like he has over delivered!! The education the helpful hints to make sure you don't make the same mistakes that they did when they started out. Cam and his team are tops! They all want you to succeed!!

    But this is not for the light hearted! This is my passion I found this because I had a friend that I admired and that person is in real estate. They buy fix and flip. I want to get started to make money first and do the same later. But Now I think I just want to stay whole selling. I can see the life style I want from whole selling.

    Thanks Cam for hiring your Great Team and taking the time to show us what it's all about and how to do it.!!!

    Anthony T
  • This really is a one-stop full and complete package!

    There is a significant amount of information and this really is a one-stop full and complete package - everything needed to run the business. Cameron even hosts a DNS server on top of everything else, such as providing templates for letters, scripts, skip trace services, and too much to write. I like being able to quickly and easily chat with the customer service reps just by using the pop-out tab on the right side of the application window. This is a very comprehensive system, nearly all web-based so someone can easily run their business from their laptop from anywhere - even the videos and documents are downloadable for times when there's a network connection.

    George F
  • Cam is the real deal!!!

    Cam is the real deal!!! Thank you so very much for the resources such as your Inner Circle. Using the Inner Circle's Question Bank and Knowledgebase I was able to wholesale a private seller off-market property using an Assignment of the contract with a net profit of $14,000. The Question Bank answered my questions regarding my first assignment of a contract deal very promptly even on the weekend. The answers even taught my experienced Real estate attorney some new things. Your Question Bank walked me through the entire assignment of the contract process step by step. This transaction went very smoothly. Thanks again to you Cameron and your team.

    Darlene P
  • Gratitude for the Rapid Response to Customer's Questions

    My name is Joe N. I have been an iFlip Real Estate member since April of last year. I wanted to comment on the customer service that I have received since I have been a member of iFlip Real Estate. I have sent questions regarding my iFlip Real Estate account on a few occasions and was responded to by Sarah Hjort. I wanted to say that she has been extremely helpful and professional any time I needed assistance, whether it was setting up my websites or changing them, or anything regarding my iFlip Real Estate account. She has always gotten right back to me extremely fast with a solution to my problem and I just wanted to point this out to you.

  • I'm iFlip For Life!

    I just wanted to let you know, I'm iFlip for life! After less than a week, I've found your support to be the best. I've used four or five other program that charge much more but delivered much less. The thing that distinguishes iFlip from the rest is the fact it does what it says and beyond that when you have a problem that requires support, You get it in a matter of minutes or worst case scenario in an hour or two that day. Hey your problem gets solved. Tip of the hat to you! I'm fired up. Bring on the 2.0!!

    P.S. I ran my Bird Dog Ad on Craiglist.org and Backpage.com and in less than 24 hours I have six Bird Dogs signed up.

    Mark B
  • Outstanding Help and Support

    It is always a pleasure to call your office and get a 'real' person to help out. I have been affiliated with your fine organization for almost 2 years now and every time I call with a question or an issue with the system there is a pleasant and helpful person on the phone. This clearly has not been my experience working with other so called 'real estate gurus'.

    Today Cheryl helped me complete a request for proof of funds and she was awesome. Thank you for doing such great work and for DELIVERING the promised benefits of your program.

    Take care and warm wishes from hot central Florida!

    Sanyu B
  • My First deal made $3,932.50!

    The Vacant House Data Feed has cut dozens of hours off my time searching for leads as well as stress over bird dogs who disappear, leaving me to drive the ZIP codes. I simply choose a ZIP code, enter my parameters and select the houses that I then market to using the Mail Manager.

    I just did my first deal with a lead from the Vacant House Data Feed and made $3,932.50. It's definitely the wave of the future... I have access to properties and the data on them that eludes my competition. Further, the storage of my mailing lists allows me to keep track of my activity for follow-up contact.

    C Dill
  • These two days of training were super...

    Hi! My name is Roger W. I'm brand new to this type of business, still wet behind my ears, lol! I would like to take this time to express my gratitude for the wonderful, professional experience I had with you, and your whole entire team, Cam! Mr. Dunlap, these two days of training were Super, you are a Great teacher. You and your team made it so simple to receive! I would highly recommend anyone that's looking to gain knowledge or become a Real estate investor, this business would be the one, ( Real Estate Wealth Network ).

    God Bless you and your business.

    Roger W
  • Bar none, this is the best kind of information I have come across!

    I've seen many different methods and approaches to Real Estate Investing, and bar none, this is the best kind of information I have come across! I trust to hit the ground running, and get my first deal soon. I wish to give a "special" Thank You to Cam for responding personally to my questions about Pennsylvania RE transfer taxes, which gave me a renewed sense of "hope" that I'll still be able to do deals in my home state!

    Simply great stuff, and great support staff as well! Thanks again Cam and your Team! Trust to talk to you again soon!

    Thomas E
  • You have taken our business to another phase in real estate!

    We would like to extend many thanks to you and your team at Real Estate Wealth Network!

    You have taken our business to another phase in real estate. Our last two deals were vacant properties that we found via Vacant House Data Feed. In certain situations, we are able to use Finger Lakes Funding to execute our deals that would otherwise not be possible.

    It is clear that you guys have a GREAT TEAM! I feel that we do not thank you enough for all of your services. You help make us great and you have HUGE value to our group.

    Lenny H
  • Our First Lease Option Deal

    Our first deal is done- We got a house - 3 yrs new 4/2/3 on a L/O for what the people owe. (They accidentally gave it to us for 2K less than they owe -OOPS). So we got this house for 176$ and found some great people to L/O it for 191 - with 10K down- 5K on the back. Now I know to you vets this looks like hardly anything - but that just made it possible for my husband to quit his job and pursue this full time! I am done with my job in a month! We can hardly wait!!!

    Thanks for all you insight and help!

    Jen S
  • 8k Profit in 5 hours!

    Hi Cam. I was at your Atlanta Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit a few weeks ago and have already done my first wholesale deal thanks to what I learned while I was there! I paid 10k for the property and sold it for 18k! It only took 4 hours and a drive to the title company because I really wanted to pick up my check in person! Nothing like making over 8k in four hours plus a one-hour drive.Thank you!

    PS. I never thought the seller would take my 10k offer but as you taught us, I was embarrassed by the offer!"

    Nic M
  • Cameron Dunlap's Deal Maker Webinars

    I really appreciate your Deal Maker webinars through the Inner Circle. Not only for answering questions I have but for hearing answers to questions I didn't realize I had! Seriously, when I listen to the other questions and your answers I learn a lot. I always have paper & pen available. I am really glad that you do archive them so we can listen to ones we miss or even re-listen to ones we attended!! I also wanted you to know how much you are appreciated for giving us your valuable time and attention!!

    Karen D
  • The Seller's Attorney stated that without the POF letter our offer wouldn't have been accepted!

    I was always skeptical about assignments but found out that they are awesome! We recently used a standard realtor assignment of contract and added, 'this contract is assignable'. By doing this, our offer was not only accepted, but we were able to make a nice 25K profit! Thank you Cam for teaching this technique! The seller's attorney stated that without the Finger Lakes POF Letter, he would have advised his client not to accept our offer and to take the house off the market. Thank you for everything!

    Joe F
  • Great Way To End the Year- Over $18,000 in Profit!

    Cameron, we closed the year with a bang! Two foreclosure (owner direct), one closed mid December (net $8,700) used my realtor to flip in 12 days at 3% comm. The other one is set to close next Wednesday (net $10K) in 37 days. Listen to this about the 2nd deal, I went by on Sunday to get my lock box, there were people looking at the house and after speaking with them I realize that they were the buyers for the buyer of my buyer! I sold to A, A sells to B, B is selling to these people. Gotta love it!

    John R
  • iFlip Real Estate Student's Success with Finding Birddogs

    On a FYI, My partner Joan has been a big fan of Cameron Dunlap's for a little over a year and we've been using iFlip Real Estate system to generate leads. On Monday I heard Cameron Dunlap speak live at the CTRIA and was blown away! I came back to the office took the iFlip Real Estate sytem tutorial, put out a bird dog add and in less then 24 hours have had 19 bird dogs sign up with 10 more wanting more info and the best thing, two property submissions! Totally awesome product!

    Sean M
  • Your courses and programs online have changed my life

    Hey Cameron,

    Long time student of yours.

    I just wanted to give you guys a big thank you. Your courses and programs online have changed my life. I feel I need to give thanks to the people that helped me get to where I am at. Your programs were the game changer for me. Which gave me the drive and passion to succeed in real estate.

    Today we buy and sell around over 20 properties per month thanks to all your programs that inspired me.

    God bless.

    Russell W
  • The Most Comprehensive All Inclusive Program Out There

    I just wanted to thank you for bringing in Cameron Dunlap. His program is unbelievable. It is the most comprehensive all-inclusive program out there. He has included every facet of the industry and has made it automative. Great selection. I have been waiting for this. As you know I was trying to get a line of credit on a 2 million dollar building which I am still trying to do. These Banks are ridiculous. But this program has given me another avenue to my arsenal.

  • Couldn't have done it without you!

    Cameron, On behalf of New Horizon Solutions, we wanted to thank you guys for all the assistance you provided us within the past year. These deals would not have been made possible without your support. The process is quick, simple and efficient not to mention you guys have outstanding customer service and could not be happier. We enthusiastically look forward to strengthening our relationship by continuing to work together. Thanks guys. Skies the limit!

    Paul L
  • Success with iFlip

    I just wanted to let you know how well the iFlip Real Estate system is working for me.

    Currently I have 119 bird dogs here in Omaha alone and more properties coming in than we can handle. It is truly amazing how well this iFlip Real Estate system works if you work the system.

    I've done two assignments so far ($5k/ea.) and am scheduled for 3 more in the next two weeks. My goal is to do 6 to 8 per month.

    Thank again!

    Richard K
  • Cameron's Transactional Funding Helps Flip 2 Houses in 45 Days!

    Just wanted to thank you for putting together such a good system. Thanks to the knowledge in the Fast Cash with Foreclosures and the iFlip System I was able to get two houses under contract and sold within about 45 days, doing double closings on each one. Thanks to your transactional funding and efficient staff we were able to close on time. The first deal made me a profit of $5,824 dollars. The second deal made me a profit of $2,521.39.

    Ron J
  • I was skeptical at first, but his staff proved me wrong

    Cam's No Fee Funding is the real deal! I was skeptical at first, but his funding department proved me wrong. The process was so easy and they explained every step to me. Thanks to Cam and his transactional funding, my profit of $52,617.00 was in my account the next day after closing! I'm excited to start using the Vacant House Data Feed to market with yellow letters and generate even more leads to be funded by Cam's team!

    Daniel H
  • Thanks to your system, I was able to talk to my mom for the first time in 37 years!

    In the past, I have used other skip trace services that weren't successful. As I was using The Unlimited Skip Trace service, I decided to search for my birth mother's name. The results displayed her name and address. I then upgraded to the premium, so that I could get her phone number. Thanks to your system, I was able to talk to my mom for the first time in 37 years! I just had to tell ya'll that this system works!

    Demetrius W
  • What you get for the price is simply amazing and extremely generous

    Cameron, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation this evening. What you get for the price is simply amazing and extremely generous......and you are a very entertaining speaker, I might add. I have partnered with a former student of yours, but I hope to become one in the future. It was a pleasure meeting you and Justin. Thank you for taking the time away from your family and making the trip down here.

  • What you get for the price is simply amazing and extremely generous.

    Cameron, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation this evening. What you get for the price is simply amazing and extremely generous...and you are a very entertaining speaker, I might add. I have partnered with a former student of yours, but I hope to become one in the future. It was a pleasure meeting you and Justin. Thank you for taking the time away from your family and making the trip down here.

  • Cameron Dunlap's Mentorship Program Helps Another Student Flip a House

    Cameron Dunlap's hand chosen mentor Jim has been a phenomenal help to my wholesale business. Just last week, I was able to wholesale a short sale and am making $10,000 at the close of escrow! I was able to slide my buyer in to purchase position, without having to put me or my business on the hook! It is quite unbelievable the deals that can be done when you have the right mentor directing you.

    Ryan S
  • Excellent Customer Service

    THANK YOU, I am so very excited to finally find a promising program that has EXCELLENT customer service, support and response! I have been attempting Real Estate now for almost 3 years and this is the first FLAWLESS program. I am sure that my income will skyrocket and change my life forever. THANKS CAMERON DUNLAP ,CHERYL, ALL STAFF MEMBERS AND EVERYONE INVOLVED. May GOD continue to bless us.

    Tony H
  • Five Stars Go Out To Miss Whitney

    I called customer service because of an issue with my email under the new website that was created in iFlip. I had the honor and pleasure to speak with Miss Whitney who did an outstanding job addressing my comments and concerns with the greatest customer service and courtesy!

    The purpose of this communication is to recognize her tremendous ability in what she does.

    Kenneth T
  • The biggest reason I purchased Mentorship is because of my trust in Cam and his team

  • $32K in profits thanks to FindTheSeller.com!

    I had a property lead that I was not able to locate the owners to. Using Find The Seller, I found that the owner was deceased but was given information for relatives. I was able to use the family relatives information to get the property under contract. I profited over $32,000 on this property all thanks to Find The Seller for helping me locate information so easy!

    Robert S
  • Cam's customer service is number #1

    I'm excited about your updated new release of motivated seller leads and extras. Thanks for your excellent quality customer service. I've subscribed to Cam's services in the past and the customer service is number #1 with the chat system and the great ladies to work with within this system. Thank you very much for making our experience the best it can be!

    Joe S
  • Cameron Dunlap Motivates Students with a Goal Setting Workshop

    I just want to thank you for putting the Goal Setting Webinar on. I recognize a lot of principles from Napoleon Hill and other self help books that I've read. I completely agree with the positive mindset and how big an influence it can have on a person. I am learning to give myself credit for my prior accomplishments as this is a key step in progressing.

    Tyler C
  • Cam Teaches Wholesaling and Over Delivers at his Live Event!

    My friend and I LOVED your Chicago Vacant House and Foreclosure seminar! You under promised and over delivered! You clearly detailed and explained the material which gave us a clear understanding of what to do and why, step by step. Your staff were very approachable and friendly and wanted to help us any way they could to move us forward. Thank you Cam!Andrew M
  • First Deal; Beginning of a New Life

    Cam.... Heidi and Bruce here. We met you in Orlando 2 weeks ago. The couple with the kids. We are back in Orlando today and just got a call from our agent.....we have put in 5 offers and got our first deal today!!! Thanks to you and your team!! This is our new beginning and a change of life. We are building our team and are enjoying all of it.

    Heidi & Bruce
  • Student Realizes the Ease of Finding Birddogs

    I just wanted to share that I FINALLY placed my birddog ad on Craigslist this morning and this really works! I have 10 new birddogs already. All that remains to be seen is whether the birddogs will produce. Nevertheless, you ladies have been very helpful. Please thank Cameron Dunlap for his vision and thank you for making it a reality.

    Victoria B
  • Cameron's dedicated staff is amazing!

    Thanks to the dedicated staff and Cameron's transactional funding, I netted over $64,000 profit on a deal! The funding department worked very hard and quickly to make sure that my deal was flawless and kept me informed every step of the way! Cameron and his team are amazing and I would recommend this program to everyone!

    Ernesto B
  • Was I Skeptical? Yes. But Cameron Delivers!

    WOW! That's all I can say. Recently, I used Cameron Dunlap's No-Fee Funding program. He funded a deal that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to get funded and I made $7,406 in a few short weeks! I also have 2 more deals set to close in the next 2 weeks. Was I skeptical? Yes. Was I scared? Yes. But Cameron delivers!

    Brian B
  • I just made $46K thanks to the Private Lender Data Feed!

    We finally closed on the refinancing for my rental property with the private lender that I found using the Private Lender Data Feed.

    I refinanced from 12% down to 6% (with 2 points up front) at 65% LTV and was able to pull out a cool $46,885.16 in equity. That will help to do more deals! Thanks so much!

    Serge L
  • I mailed out 200 letters through The Vacant House Data Feed and got 80 responses

    mailed out 200 letters through The Vacant House Data Feed and got 80 responses.. that's a 40% response rate!

    Out of the letters sent, I got one deal where I Negotiated with the lady who owned a house that had been vacant for 9 years, she ended up literally giving us the house and we paid nothing for it.

  • I love the Vacant House Data Feed!

    I love your program because the houses are actually vacant. I drove by to check them out. My review this day is to applaud your customer service and in particular Whitney. Every time I interact with Whitney, she is very professional, positive, and wonderful. She truly is a serious asset to your company.

  • Vacant House and Foreclosure Summit Attendee Cashes in a HUGE Paycheck!

    Brother CAM...Jeffrey P. here. Wanted you to know that thanks to your seminar last May...one of my fellow students and I have been working together and we flipped a house for a $65k profit. I kept on watching those screens with the checks...and wondered...when will I get a big one?

    Jeffrey P
  • No Fee Funding Training Helped Me Make 18K!

    I just did my first deal in Dallas, TX using all the training that Cameron Dunlap's No Fee Funding program provided. It was an assignment deal that I found on Craigslist and sold to an investor who I connected with from a local REIA. I made $18,000 and have another one lined up!

    Darel L
  • FindTheSeller.com Helps an Investor Make a Huge Profit!

    "You guys have made me money!! On my very first Skip Trace from www.FindTheSeller.com, I found the seller easily, did the deal, and made a fast $20,000 profit wholesale. I am so excited!

    I would recommend your service to anyone. It'll make them money too!"

    Antonio C
  • Can't wait to do more deals with Cam's office and his tools!

    I posted an ad in my local newspaper using the marketing tools in iFlip. My very first deal funded by Cameron's office made me a profit of $20,814.10 after only having the program for four months! Can't wait to do more deals with his office and his tools!

    Ivory G
  • Mentorship Student Flips a Property to make a profit of $6,900.

    My first check came in the mail today. I did an assignment and made right at $6,900. Thanks for the support and thanks for the Mentorship program. Looking forward to continued growth, guidance, and friendships.

    Thanks to Cam, Todd and the crew.

    Ben C
  • Going the Extra Mile

    Just a quick note to tell you that, thanks to you and your prompt attention to my needs, I got my postponement on the deal in the nick of time! I just wanted to say thank you again for going the extra mile for me. I really do appreciate you!!

    Alice W
  • I already have 2 houses under contract...

    I'm sending out about 5,000 mailings at a time, and I get a lot of phone calls every single time! From my first mailing, I already have 2 houses under contract and a few more I'm about to get too! Thank you Cam and keep up the good work!

    P Fishbine
  • Grateful Student!

    I just wanted to say how grateful I am that you are such an amazing human being. I wouldn't be where I am and making the progress I'm making if it wasn't for you, your support, your systems, and your funding. I'm forever grateful.Ryan K
  • I have a "deal of a lifetime"!

    I wanted to let you know that because of the Real Estate Skip Trace program, I was able to track down a seller and meet them personally! We have a "deal of a lifetime" here, this will go down as one of my best deals ever!

    Kevin K
  • Setup of iFlip 2.0 Allows for Easy Use

    I like how you set up the system, iFlip 2.0, where I can do ALL of the editings myself. It is designed such that even technically-challenged people, such as myself, can tailor the content relatively easily. Well done!

    Reiko M
  • Goal Setting Workshop

    I listened to Cameron Dunlap's Goal Setting Workshop. He is always so positive, realistic, and relates to real-life situations where all of us can understand and relate to. An amazing person! Thanks for sharing.

    Regina G
  • This program is awesome!

    Been working with the Motivated Seller Data Feed. Made 15 calls and got my first yes. Woo Hooo!!

    Now it's time to make an offer. This program is awesome! Thanks for all your hard work!!!

    Stuart H
  • Deal Maker Webinar Helps Nick Make $9k!

    I closed on that deal we talked about a few weeks ago on during the Deal Maker Webinar. I made $9k on it!

    It was as easy as you said it would be, and now I am going to scale everything.

    Nick G
  • Using Cam's Money to Open Up New Doors!

  • My business works because of Vacant House Data Feed

    My second deal funded by Cameron Dunlap was found in the Vacant House Data Feed! Most of my deals are found by using the data feed program. It is such an important part of my business!

    Will K
  • Easy Success Finding Leads Using the iFlip Real Estate Platform.

    I checked my iFlip emails this morning and after posting my ad on Craigslist for the first time yesterday around noon I got seven responses. Cameron Dunlap's iFlip SYSTEM WORKS!!!!!

    Phineas S
  • I Profited $13,700 Off 500 Mailings!

  • Made a profit of $30,000 in just 3 days!

  • 3 Properties Under Contract in the First Week

    We got 3 properties under contract in the first week of marketing to the VHDF. We've sent 350 postcards, got a 8% response rate, and 3 deals under contract!

    J Hill
  • Excellent Service and Support!

    I give Cameron Dunlap's group great cudos for hearing and understanding my concern. They have a heart to do what is best for their clients.

  • iFlip - Your Diamond Drill Bit

  • iFlip - Your Diamond Drill Bit

  • How To Locate Hard-To-Find Home Owner Information

  • Vacant House and Foreclosure Summit Guest Leaves With A New Laptop!

  • I can't tell you how thrilled I am to become part of the program!

  • Such an Invaluable Experience!


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