iFlip is the most powerful, automated, database management system created specifically for real estate investors. It is a web-based system that will change your life by giving you back more of your time. It will build you a nationwide database of buyers. It will find and manage all your bird dogs. It also trains your bird dogs on exactly what it is you are looking for. Check Out iFlip Now
The Private Lender Data Feed is an amazing tool that literally gives you access to thousands of private lenders across the nation. Whether you’re doing small residential or commercial deals, private lenders can be a huge asset to your growing business. Each month we add several thousand, fresh, new private lenders to this database. It’s definitely worth checking out. Private Lender Data Feed
This is an exclusive group of real estate investors that receive that extra “hand holding” each month taught by me personally. It’s one of the best ways real estate investors can leverage my knowledge and experience so they can do more deals. We go through what’s working, student deals, questions you might have, challenges in the market and so much more. Cameron Dunlap’s Inner Circle
FourPillarsSliderSplash-mgThis all-in-one training program shows you from start to finish how to find and close your first or next real estate deal. The techniques and strategies shared in this training are used daily by one of the nations most successful real estate entreprenuers, Cameron Dunlap. One of the most incredible pieces to this training is being able to use Cameron’s money to fund ALL of your deals without paying fees or points (and this is the only place you can get free funding). You’ll also have access to all of the deals you could ever need, all of the cash buyers you could ever need, and access to a system that will help you automate your entire real estate business. Get everything you need to make money in Real Estate Investing in one package! Check Out The Four Pillars of Real Estate
Have you ever been in a situation where your deal falls through because your end buyer couldn’t get financing? Yep, happens all the time. This rarely happens with a cash buyer because they don’t need financing. The Cash Buyer Data Feed is a database that contains the most recent cash buyers nationwide. My team and I add tens of thousands of new cash buyers each month. This is a HUGE game changer. Check it out! Cash Buyer Data Feed